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Each week, Pea and Joe discuss horror old and new. Movies, Comics, TV, Music will be discussed
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Jan 20, 2021

This week we discuss Blood And Roses, Blind Beast, Possessor and Parents

It's been a while but it's nice to be back, all our social nonsense is on OUR WEBSITE

You can read Carmilla for free HERE

Apr 20, 2020

This week we delve into The Platform (2019), Dave Made a Maze (2017), Castle of the Living Dead (1964) and Castle Freak (1995)

Apr 6, 2020

This week we discuss Richard Stanley's trippy take on the classic Lovecraft tale as it gets released on DVD and Blu Ray, we also get our fangs into the Toho take on gothic horror, Lake of Dracula.

Nov 20, 2019

This week we discuss Robert Eggers' latest mind-bender and we SPOIL THE HECK out of Doctor Sleep, there are SPOILERS for this movie in particular, you're safe to listen to the first half of the show.


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Oct 29, 2019

This episode we get pretty French in time for Halloween with Knife+Heart and Climax as well as a discussion about Halloween pop and One Cut of The Dead

Jul 22, 2019

This week we discuss the David Lynch Exhibition in Manchester, the latest movie from captain deadpan, Jim Jarmusch and we get Scandinavian with Ari Aster's alternative summer of love.

Nov 12, 2018

This week we discuss the brand new talk of horror town with Luca Guadagnino's take on Argento's classic nightmare, we also delve into the crazy world of Possession and learn how Joe bought the bluray based on a funny tweet alone...

Oct 31, 2018

Happy halloween, 2018! This week we dive into Possum, Halloween (no, not that one, the, not that one, or that one, the 2018 one) Castlevania, Sabrina, The haunting of hill house and Stephen King's new novella.

Oct 15, 2018

This week we discuss the not-so-spooky kid movie, Hereditary and Nicolas Cage-rage fest, Mandy!

There's also a competition that is almost too easy to win!

Jun 23, 2018

This week we discuss The Guest, Excision, Suspiria, Filmworker as well as Gou Tanabe's excellent H.P Lovecraft adaption

May 22, 2018

This week we discuss When a Stranger Calls, Carnival of Souls, Dead of Night, Annhilation and The Ritual. We also discuss the book "Too Much Horror Business"

Dec 12, 2017

Join us this week as we discuss some good films, and some terrible films. The good ones include Spider Baby, Raw, Halloween III, The Fog aaaaaaand The Descent!

Oct 12, 2017

We're back and we fit a silly amount of stuff into an episode that fits in just under an hour!

Get Out, Prevenge, The Exorcist III, The Devil's Candy and The Blackcoat's Daughter are amongst the discussion.

Mar 18, 2017

This week we discuss Green Room, The Love Witch and The Greasy Strangler.


One of these movies does not get a glowing review...

Nov 14, 2016

We are back! After a little unwanted hiatus, we've replaced our broken recording equipment and we are ready to discuss The Man Who Cheat Death, Ghostbusters (but which one???), I Am The Pretty Thing That Lives In The House, Thinner, Hush, The Mummy and Dark Shadows (yeah, that one -_-)

Sep 6, 2016

We're back after an unexpected hiatus! This week we cover the 70's Tigon classic: The Blood on Satan's Claw!

We go through this grimy witchcraft world in close detail.

Jun 26, 2016

This week we discuss The Dead Zone (Book, TV show and movie) and the psychological horror, The Man Who Haunted Himself.


That's an episode with David Cronenberg, Christopher Walken and Roger Moore.

Jun 4, 2016

This week we discuss the amazing Berbarian Sound Studio, the YouTube short, This House Has People In It, British film, House of Long Shadows and the iconic Village of The Damned

May 9, 2016

This week we get our teeth into dark comedy, Sightseers, we briefly touch on brilliant documentary, Grey Gardens and we round it all off with the oppressive, impressive behemoth that is Kill List.

Apr 25, 2016

Join us this week as we discuss The Legend of Barney Thomson, He Never Died, House on Haunted Hill (the bad one), Countess Dracula and They Live!

Apr 5, 2016

Welcome, foolish mortals! This week we delve into Stag, Circle, The Pit and The Pendulum and Invasion of The Body Snatchers!


It's a podcast about pods.

Mar 30, 2016

We're back from Japan! This week starts with some sad news but we lighten the tone with discussions on 3 Japanese movies and a new cinema release!


We're back and the show will go weekly once more

Mar 1, 2016

This week we pit the Roman Polanski classic Rosemary's Baby against the 2014 mini-series produced by Zoe Saldana. We throw in a bonus disagreement about The Fly!

Feb 22, 2016

This week we're delayed! Sorry, family emergency situation, we explain all!

We have watched The 70's X-Files, Keanu Vs Satan, William Castle and his big kid films, Lee & Cushing doing Sherlock and much more!

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